Ideas for Making Christmas Birthdays Special visitor Andrea wrote in to share this great idea:
I’ve got twin daughters born on Christmas Day. Their favorite thing is that we have a Birthday Room dedicated just to them. In that room we can only talk about their birthdays–no Christmas stuff. I get it set up about 3-4 days before Christmas. It makes them feel special!

Christmas in July
by Elizabeth Leachman Friant
As a child born on December 25th, I often felt that my birthday was overshadowed by the festivities of the day. My parents solved that problem by celebrating my birthday on July 25th, “Christmas in July.” We’d throw a pool party with a Christmas theme. The best part of all would be when my father, dressed as Santa, would come out to give goody bags to all my party’s guests; he’d have on the whole Santa outfit except he’d wear sandals. I remember having a cake with a bathing-suit wearing Santa in an inner tube with a drink in his hand. A themed pool party, I would say, is probably the best way to give a Christmas baby his or her own day!

Another cool thing about my birthday (12/25/85), in particular, is that my initials happen to be ELF. My name’s Elizabeth Leachman Friant (my grandmother’s maiden name was Leachman), and apparently it was a total coincidence that my name turned out as such.

I think that it’s time someone recognized how special it is for us Christmas babies out there. I love my birthday so much! I hope my story inspires others to celebrate Christmas in July.

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