Birthday Cake or Birthday Pie?

Whatever you do, make sure the birthday person gets a real, true birthday cake and not a slice of some pumpkin pie Aunt Ethel brought to the family shindig and stuck a candle into. That’s just messed up. And it had better not be a holiday-themed cake, either. (No red or green icing!)

That said, some people prefer the taste of pie over cake, and often chose to have a birthday pie. Key word: “chose.” Ask, ask, ask.

One idea is to, instead of serving pie after Christmas dinner, serve birthday cake instead.

Here’s one of the most embarrassing, awful things I ever heard of happening to someone with a Dec. 25 birthday: While visiting out-of-town relatives, the birthday girl’s eyes lit up when she saw someone walking in with a cake and singing “Happy Birthday.” Oops. Turns out that family’s tradition was celebrating Baby Jesus’ birthday with a cake and song.

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