Christmas Eve, Dec. 26 and Other Close-by Birthdays

There are both pros and cons to being born on Dec. 24 or Dec. 26. On the up side, at least you get your own date that’s not Christmas Day. On the down side, everyone’s still in full-on Christmas mode, be it the Christmas Eve rush or the day-after-Christmas shopping and post-gluttony nap fest. And you don’t even get the “cred” of being able to say you were born on Christmas Day. Be especially kind to a kid born around, but not on, Dec. 25, so they don’t get lost in the middle.

Here are a few tips to honor people who were born around Christmas, but not on Christmas Day. Please send your suggestions to
1. Don’t serve Christmas leftovers for someone’s birthday. That’s just janky.
2. Consider waiting until after the person’s birthday (if Dec. 24 or before) to decorate the house and put up a tree.
3. When in doubt, ask what the birthday person what he or she would prefer.

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