Christmas Day Birthdays

Yes, it’s a busy time of year. Yes, it’s materialistic and self-centered for people to think the world stands still on their birthdays. But in many cultures, birthdays are considered important and deserving of special recognition. Do make the extra effort to make someone born Dec. 25 feel special on this day.

1. Be sure to sing Happy Birthday at some point during the day’s festivities. Even if it’s at Christmas dinner, sometimes it’s the thought that counts.

2. Consider celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve (including presents and dinner), leaving Dec. 25 solely for the birthday person.

3. You could also consider having the morning be all about birthday and the afternoon all about Christmas, or vice versa.

4. If the birthday was celebrated on another day, that doesn’t mean Dec. 25 should go by with no mention of it.

5. With everything else going on around the holidays, do we really need another party? Um, yes! You may need to book it early, however, before everyone leaves town.

6. Don’t overlook the importance of a “birthday dinner” (featuring the meal of the person’s choice) that is separate and distinct from Christmas dinner.

7. Don’t think you can plunk a candle in a pie and call it good. They call it birthday “cake” for a reason. (That said, some people prefer a nice birthday pie.)

8. Don’t complain about what a hassle it is to have to deal with someone’s birthday being around Christmas. It’s not like they have any control over it.

9. It’s not necessarily easier to have a Christmas birthday if your religion or cultural heritage doesn’t celebrate Christmas. If you’re Jewish, or Muslim, or whatever, and everyone around you is celebrating everything but you, it kinda sucks. Be sensitive to people in these situations, especially kids.

10. Consult’s list of What Not to Say to a Christmas Baby.

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